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Webinar & White Paper:

Offer the Best Protection to your SMB Customers

Webinar: Seize the SMB CyberSecurity Opportunity
Wednesday, May 31st at 11:00am EDT
Meet the speakers:

Mark Gaudet

Mark Gaudet
Manager of Business Development, CIRA

Yuriy Yuzifovich

Yuriy Yuzifovich
Head of Security Research & Data Science, Nominum

Arlen Frew

Arlen Frew
General Manager, Security & Applications, Nominum

WHITE PAPER: authored by Strategy AnalyticS

Secure Business White Paper

Hackers and cybercriminals no longer simply attack web sites and spread malware and viruses directly. Phishing attacks capture user data and software for future use; botnets take control of user devices to make them active participants in a threat network; and compromised IoT devices participate in DDoS attacks so diffuse that they look like user traffic - until it is too late.

The latest WannaCry ransomware attack is just one of many that exemplify the cost of SMB attacks that has more than tripled in the last 4 years.

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