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Browser-based alerts, notifications and promotional offers

N2 Reach

Formerly known as N2 Care / N2 Promote

Are communications reaching and engaging your subscribers?

  • Current communication channels (i.e. email, SMS, website, telephone & direct mail) are limited by poor reach, delayed interaction and high cost/lead – the result is expensive and ineffective communication
  • Engaging customers in additional services increases customer satisfaction and reduces churn
  • Immediate promotions yield immediate results


Browser notifications reach your audience every time


  • In-browser notifications reach every subscriber using a browser
  • In-browser notifications are interactive thus yielding better results and creating more engaged customers
  • Messages & alerts support subscribers throughout the customer lifecycle: onboarding, support, retention and promotion
  • Notifications are delivered during time of customer need, in real-time and can be triggered by individual subscriber activity
  • Campaigns are automated and tailored to support dozens of Customer Care, Marketing, and Operational activities

N2 Reach: Deliver the right message at the right time

  • Uniquely effective browser based, subscriber communication channel
  • Fully automated communication campaigns, all in a single package
  • Works with existing communication and marketing systems and channels
  • Leverage the power of DNS to deliver unique subscriber value, faster, and at a lower cost

N2 Reach


Use N2 Reach to improve marketing efforts & subscriber relationships


  • Upsell higher-tier broadband packages
  • Cross-sell premium video packages
  • Cross-sell network-based parental control/personal Internet services
  • Public Wi-Fi hotspot branding

Customer Care

Customer Care (cont’d)

  • Copyright infringement alerts
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Terms-of-service notifications
  • Service enhancement notifications

“The targeted in-browser messaging that is linked to DNS data has resulted in an 11% increase in our retention rate.” Marcelo Baletti, Chief of Digital Services, Cablevision

Learn industry best practices for successful browser notification campaigns

[Whitepaper] Balance value, transparency and privacy. Read the Commercializing Internet Activity whitepaper.

[Whitepaper] Balance value, transparency and privacy. Read the Commercializing Internet Activity whitepaper.