Use Cases

Cybersecurity Defense

  • Shield Household Networks
  • Infected subscribers are 3.6 times more likely to switch service providers. Safeguard home networks from malicious online activity to retain subscribers and inspire brand loyalty.
  • Protect Subscriber Devices
  • Infected subscribers are 8 times more likely to contact the call center. Safeguard subscriber devices from threats like phishing, malware, ransomware, online scams and fake antivirus products.
  • Protect Households From Illegal Content
  • Prevent accidental navigation to websites that host illegal content.

Value-Added Services

  • Protect Subscribers From Cyberthreats
  • Infected subscribers are 3.6 times more likely to switch service providers. Enhance basic online services with advanced cybersecurity protection to increase subscriber loyalty.
  • Enable Subscriber-Defined Content Control
  • Allow subscribers to block access to sites they consider offensive and potentially harmful.
  • Provide Parental Controls and Monitoring
  • Set rules to limit access including homework/bedtime and establish unique profiles for each member of the household. No software downloads are required.
  • Protect Children Online
  • Safeguard children from inappropriate content with parental controls that enforce safe searches on all or selected devices.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

  • Security Breach Notifications
  • Alert subscribers when they become infected with malware known to compromise personally identifiable information.
  • Content Compliance
  • Block prohibited online content in accordance with local mandates.
Across all devices

Features & Benefits

Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with subscriber services that are drastically easier to use than the alternatives. Leverage the power of your network to deliver superior cloud-based subscriber services.

  • Eliminate your customer’s adoption burden with cloud-based services that don’t require the customer to install, configure or maintain device-level software
  • Empower your customers to configure uniform policies across all their devices from a single subscriber service portal

Maximize the power of your network by increasing your customer’s engagement with network-based services.

Simplified policy creation leverages the service provider’s network to enforce policies across all subscriber devices.

  • Network policy enforcement delivers simplified subscriber services by eliminating the hassle associated with traditional, device-level software services
  • Allows subscribers to create and enforce different policies for different devices from a single portal (for example, set parental controls policies for children’s devices that restrict access to social networking or inappropriate material while maintaining access via the adult’s devices)
  • Network architecture ensures the integrity of subscriber services and maximizes customer satisfaction

Based on Nominum’s industry leading N2 Reach browser-based messaging, the integrated communications channel allows service providers to maximize the value delivered by subscriber services. New services and timely messaging lead to engaged subscribers and engaged subscribers are retained customers.

  • Personal Internet – communicate with customers with customized notifications enforcing individual policies. Communicate parental controls policies in response to access restricted websites or categories of websites
  • Subscriber Safety – inform subscribers when they’re attempting to access a compromised website. Protect customers and their devices from malware and phishing websites and identify and financial theft
  • Content Compliance – notify subscribers attempting to access legally restricted websites with customized messages that inform, educate and caution

Customer Stories

An EMEA customer utilizes N2 Engage to deliver parental controls service to their subscribers to comply with a government mandate that required every service provider in the territory to offer and deliver a parental controls service to their subscribers.

The results are as follows:

  • The provider experiences a 6% adoption rate of the parental controls service within their 5M subscribers
  • The provider estimates an adoption rate of 25% within the first 4 years of the service’s introduction

This provider also strives to deliver a consistent customer experience – and uniformed parental controls policies – to subscribers in their home AND when subscribers access the Internet via one of the providers over 5M WIFi hotspots. Given the network-based approach of N2 Engage, the provider is able to provide a parental controls service – and apply associated policies – that is consistent to subscribers when accessing the Internet from home or one of the provider’s public WiFi hotspots.

An EMEA customer utilizes N2 Engage to deliver subscriber safety services. This provider vies for market share in a competitive market with a historically high churn rate. In this market, service differentiation and delivering a superior customer experience is a critical success factor. The provider decided to offer subscribers the Subscriber Safety service as a way to improve the customer experience by proactively identifying, preventing and, potentially, remediating security threats as a result of the subscriber’s Internet usage.

The results are as follows:

  • 40% of the provider’s 4M subscribers adopted the service in the 1st year
  • 78% of subscribers agree the Subscriber Safety service is “valuable” (in response to Net Promoter Score surveys)

Subscriber Safety – powered by N2 Engage – is the provider’s most popular value added service. Awareness and value of this service is only exceeded by the provider’s primary broadband Internet service.