Features & Benefits

CacheServe is 100% dedicated and designed for DNS resolution, the largest, most complex networks in the world rely on it. Resilience to extreme traffic spikes means CacheServe answers queries when other resolvers, load balancers and even switches fail. This prevents service disruptions that stress operations teams and provoke costly support calls. Powerful Precision Policies manage DNS traffic, ensuring good queries get answered and bad ones get dropped. Cache poisoning defenses remain unmatched, Vantio stood up against Kaminsky’s infamous attack that compromised other resolvers in minutes.

A single CacheServe instance running on commodity hardware can answer more than 2.4 million queries per second[1]. Industry-best algorithms developed by leading DNS experts set the standard for recursive performance. Industry best latency and 100% availability promote subscriber satisfaction and retention. Together these essential capabilities support business imperatives to reduce costs through server consolidation and simpler operations.

[1] Dual Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2690 v2 @ 3.00GHz, 12 cores for resolution

CacheServe integration with N2 Platform lets providers meet business challenges and marketing requirements with in-place DNS assets. N2 Platform provides network wide services such as policy and data collection and aggregation for automating and scaling DNS operations as well as supporting N2 Applications. Parental Controls and Subscriber Safety enabled with N2 apps are network-based so adoption rates and ease of use both improve because client or device software aren’t needed. In-browser messages driven by N2 deliver Customer Care or other provider communications. Informed by DNS Insights the right message can be delivered to the right subscriber, at the right time, to significantly increase conversion. Better data also means better market intelligence so promotions and offers can be customized and providers can optimize their product mix based on a deeper understanding of customer affinities.

Customer Stories

Eliminate Server Sprawl

A Northern European fixed broadband provider began to feel the impact of DNS “server sprawl” – there were simply too many resolvers to manage and upgrade, and there was constant demand for even more. Legacy software simply wasn’t keeping up.

The move to Vantio CacheServe allowed them to consolidate 25 DNS servers down to three servers. A new operational model substantially changed deployment dynamics, instead of racking new hardware new capacity was added by simply spinning up more cores on in-place servers, simultaneously increasing agility and reducing costs. Lower latency and higher availability were an added bonus.

Future Proof Network

A large Western European ISP provider realized their existing DNS infrastructure wasn’t keeping up with growing demand. Extremely high operational standards meant an increasing workload on operations staff managing capacity and monitoring abnormal activity. The Internet-wide increase in DNS-based DDoS attacks also raised concern since even momentary outages drew management attention.

The move to CacheServe allowed them to future proof their infrastructure – DNS services could grow for many years on the same server hardware. Highly resilient software with massive performance headroom, coupled with a powerful policy language eliminated concerns about unexpected outages caused by malicious activity.