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Our Company

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”
– Abraham Lincoln

Our Story

Nominum has powered most of the world’s Internet since 1999 through Vantio CacheServe DNS software. Now we are taking DNS to a completely new level by not only providing world-class infrastructure software but also Digital Marketing solutions for CSPs. With our DNS-based N2 Digital Marketing platform, CSP marketing teams can leverage the DNS – an existing asset that all CSPs have – to unlock more value for their subscribers. Together, Vantio CacheServe and N2 represent the building blocks for CSPs on their journey to become data- and customer-centric companies.

Who We Are

Our people are individually awesome. When they’re not making the Internet better, you’ll find them doing cool stuff like sailing the Tasman Sea or cycling to Mexico. When we put our heads together, we accomplish great things.

What We Do

Our N2 Digital Marketing Platform and applications powered by Browser Push, a new digital channel with 100% reach, enable CSP marketers to achieve better retention, higher engagement and more effective promotions. N2 is based on our Vantio CacheServe DNS software that has been powering the Internet for the world’s largest CSPs in 40 countries and provides a future-ready foundation for CSPs to deliver new offers and services to realize greater value.

Why It Matters

We’ve supported the Internet’s exponential growth for 15 years. And now, we continue to support the data and Internet explosion with world-class infrastructure software while also meeting CSP demands for more value with a purpose-built digital marketing platform.

Executive Team

Bring together a wealth of specialized talent, experience & dedication and you’ll find Nominum’s executive team. With over 180 years of combined experience, Nominum executives apply their excellent leadership skills to ensure Nominum continues to thrive.


We are honored and humbled to have received the following accolades.